buy Horizontal Wrapping Machine

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buy Horizontal Wrapping Machine

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Applications :
Horizontal pillow type biscuit packing machine is suit for packing the biscuit, moon cake, cake, bread, fast food noodles, soaps, frozen foods and similar product.

Main Features:
1. All use the servo intelligentized control, run with low noise, make comfortable environment;
2. Feeding, forming, filling and sealing the whole process is automatic, can carry through the pipelining directly, have high automatic operation.
3. Design with the humanoid, uses the industry’s touch screen, intuitionistic shows parameter, man-machine overlapping exchange way operation, menu operation, easy to operate.
4. The horizontal sealing and the film is synchronization, the sealing is more reliable and artistic.
5. The length adjustment scope is extremely broad, suit for packing many kinds of products.
Main Specification :
Machine Name All-servo System Flow Type Packing Machine
Production Capacity 35-130bags/min 60-260 bags /min
Packing range The length of bags 190-450mm 90-270mm
Width 40-140mm 40-140mm
Height 1-60mm 1-40mm
Gross Power 3kw
Power Supply 220v
Gross weight 700kw
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H) 3500*1000*1500mm buy Horizontal Wrapping Machine